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How to improve your life in 50 seconds

Instant Confidence: the Power to Go for Anything You Want! by Paul McKenna, Bantam Press, $32.95.

Banks Get Up Speed For The Financing Of The Future

Forget lengthy waits for decisions by lenders. Buyers can now get a quote for loans in seconds via SMS, Cynthia Karena learns.

Just Add Hot Water

As if Wall Street doesn't have enough troubles on its hands with email, regulators are focusing on another popular mode of communication: instant messaging.

Internet Site For Mba

The Master Builders Association of Victoria launched an Internet site which will revolutionise the way home builders and clients do business. In partnership with CitySearch, the MBA has created a web site that will provide instant, low-cost communication between consumers and builders. The MBA

How Easily We Can Be Parted From Our Money

ON Monday I've been asked to launch a book. Normally such events are not high on my list of priorities, but the title of this book, Scams and Swindlers, had instant appeal. Even better, the author of the book, Bruce Brown, is the Northern Territory Regional Commissioner for more